Tips: For the user manual and additional software (including CMS), please visit https://eseecloud.app/download/ to download.

Fast network

Step: Right-click the mouse in the main menu → Fast network → Choose Auto Config → Click OK. If you want to manually configure the IP address, click diagnose. If it shows a healthy network, it indicates the connection to the Internet is good. If there is a network anomaly, plz process according to the clew. (Ensure your device has accessed the network)


  • Step: Right-click the mouse in the main menu → Click Video Manage → Click Refresh to search IPC → Two ways to add IPC:
    1. Click the IPC searched, then click add, IPC will add to the target channel
    2. Click Auto-add (Auto-add can add all the IPC searched to the channel list)
  • Delete channel: Delete channel information
  • Edit channel: Manually revise channel parameters (such as password of user name) Click OK to finish operation.

Preview of VR Camera

Double-click the image on the main interface—choose a different preview mode.

  • Step 1: default preview mode
  • Step 2: corridor mode
  • Step 3: plane full view positioning in 3 split screen mode

Video detection

Step 1: Right click mouse in main menu→System setup→Record setup→Record plan→choose motion→choose all→click Copy to→click OK to save setting

Step 2: Right click mouse in main menu→System setup→Channel setup→choose Video detection→choose motion→click Enable→Click OK

Video Playback

Step: Right click on main interface→video playback→choose “channel”→choose “record mode”→setup “search time”→click “search”, click timeline to choose time→click “playback” to check recording file.

Video Backup

Steps: Right-click the mouse in the main menu→Video backup→choose channel No.→choose Record mode→In search time, input beginning time and end time→click search, and recording will come out→choose the video which needs to be backup→click video backup.

Tips: Support 32G U disk backup maximum, recording file will be packed every one hour.

Access in LAN

Step 1: Quick Networking—check the IP address of the device.

Step 2: The correct web port needs to be put in the web port is changed, such as the web port changed to 1111, then input

Step3: Once access successful, you can get the video

Tips: Please make sure the video recorder and computer are in the same network segment.

Access in WAN

Step1: Right-click the mouse in the main menu—Quick Networking—check the ID of the device.

Step 2:

Input http://www.dvr163.com on IE browser, input ID, user name, and password, and click log in.

Step 3:

Once you access it successfully, you can get the video.


Video quality and fluency depend on the upload speed of the video recorder and the download speed of the computer; each channel needs above 30KB.

Mobile application download and installation

No. 1: Go to http://www.dvr163.com/download/indexm.php?p=ippro in a mobile browser, enter the download page, click install to download, and install the APP.

No.2: Please scan the QR code in the manual to download the APP.

Esee mobile application (IP Pro)-Add device

  • Step 1: Register and login
  • Step 2: Enter the main interface
  • Step 3: Add the device back to the main interface
  • Step 4: Added successfully. Click channel No. to get video
  • Step 5: Remote playback

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