Eseecloud Stand alone camera manual

  Fast Installation Manual

  Using the App to scan QR codes to add devices quickly

  Before operating this unit, please read these instructions carefully and save them for future use.

Download and install the latest APP

  Register and log in by scanning the QR code to download and install the latest app

Setting installation and configuration

Wireless connection installation

  1. After downloading and installing, login to the APP;

  2. When the camera is powered on, you will hear the tone of configuration mode (if there is no device configuration mode, please press and hold the device’s reset button for 3 seconds to reset the device);

  3. Click the plus sign on the upper right corner in the APP device list interface to add the wireless signal camera (Figure 1 );

  4. According to the (Figure 2) guide operation, After waiting for the device indicator to flash, click “device indicator has flashed” into the scan code interface (Figure 3) and check whether the device has a QR code.

When there is a QR code on the device

  Scan the QR code on the device, and it will jump to the search device interface, then it will display the ID of the current device (Figure 4), click the” Add button” below, make it connect to the WIFI (Figure 5), user can click ” select WIFI” to select the WIFIwhich near the device (Figure 6), then enter the WIFI password, click on the” connected device “to enter the device distribution network interface (Figure 7). Finally, the device distribution network will be successful.

When there is no QR code on the device


  If there is no QR code on the device, click the prompt “Can’t find the device QRcode?” button on the scan code interface(Figure 3). The device will automatically search for wireless devices near the phone (Figure 9), select the device you need, and click the Addition button to jump to the WIFI interface. The subsequent distribution steps are the same as (1)


  If there is no QR code on the device, click on the prompt “Can’t find the device QRcode?” button on the scan code interface (Figure 3), the device will jump to the operation guide prompt interface (Figure 10), follow the operation guide and go to the mobile phone setting interface to connect to the device hotspot, then return to the “IP PRO,” and jump to the WIFI interface, The subsequent distribution steps are the same as (1).

Wired connection installation

  1. Make sure the device is connected to the Internet router by cable;

  2. Click “Connected devices” in the Addition device interface;

  3. Fill in the serial number of the device and click on the upper right corner to confirm the addition.


  In case of fire or lightning, pls don’t put the product in a damp and rainy place; operate or maintain it according to the user manual.

  Be careful when you see an attachment with a Dangerous voltage, which might cause a serious electric accident.


  1. Ensure your equity, pls read the user manual carefully before you use the product

  2. Pls contact professional people if you need to install and maintain the product. The input voltage of this model is DC 12V

  4. Working Environment: temperature of -20°C~+60°C, relative humidity under 85%5. Pls don’t exceed the user manual’s standard range of temperature, humidity, and voltage.

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