Tips: User manual and more software (including CMS), please go to https://eseecloud.app/download/ to download.

Fast Networking


  • Access Network Settings: Right-click the mouse in the main menu and select “fast networking.”
  • Configure Automatically: Choose “Auto Config” and click “OK.”
  • Manual Configuration (Optional): If you prefer manual configuration, input the IP address and click “diagnose.” A healthy network indication means the Internet connection is good. If there is a network anomaly, follow the provided clues to troubleshoot. Ensure your device has accessed the network.

IPC Set Up


  • Access IPC Settings: Right-click in the main menu, select “Video Manage,” and then click “Refresh” to search for IPCs.
  • Adding IPCs:
    1. Select the IPC searched, then click “add.” The IPC will be added to the target channel.
    2. Use “Auto add” to automatically add all searched IPCs to the channel list.
  • Manage Channels:
    • Delete Channel: Delete channel information.
    • Edit Channel: Manually revise channel parameters, such as passwords or user names.
  • Confirm Settings: Click “OK” to finish the operation.

Video Detection Setup

Step 1: Enable Motion Detection

  • Navigate to Settings: Right-click the mouse in the main menu, then go to “System setup” → “Channel setup.”
  • Activate Motion Detection: Choose “Video detection,” select “motion,” then click “Enable” and confirm by clicking “OK.”

Step 2: Configure Record Plan

  • Access Record Settings: Right-click in the main menu, select “System setup,” → “Record setup.”
  • Set Motion Detection for Recording:
    • Choose “Record plan,” select “motion,” and then “Choose all.”
    • Apply to All: Click “Copy” to apply this setting to all channels.
    • Save Settings: Click “OK” to save the configuration.

Video Playback


  1. Access Playback: Right-click the mouse in the main menu and select “Video playback.”
  2. Select Parameters: Choose the date, channel, and record mode.
  3. Search for Files: Click “Search” to view the playback file.

Playback Controls:

  • Rewind and Fast Forward: Use the rewind or fast forward buttons to navigate through the video (x2, x4, x8).
  • Play and Pause: Click play to start the video or pause to stop.
  • Video Backup: Select the recording file and insert a USB flash disk, then click “video backup” to save the file.
  • Timeline Navigation: Click “date” and “time” at the bottom left of the screen to check the timeline of the recording, and click on the timeline with a recording file to play.

Video Backup


  1. Access Backup Settings: Right-click the mouse in the main menu and select “Video backup.”
  2. Configure Backup Parameters: Choose the channel number and record mode. Set the search parameters by inputting the beginning time and end time.
  3. Initiate Search: Click “search” to display the recordings.
  4. Select and Backup: Choose the video that needs to be backed up and click “video backup.”

Tips: Supports up to 32GB USB disk backup. Each recording file is packed every one hour for backup.

Access In LAN

Step 1: Network Configuration

  • Fast Networking: Check the IP address of the device.

Step 2: Connect Within LAN

  • Browser Access: On a computer within the same LAN, input the video recorder’s IP address and port (if port is 80, no input is needed) in an IE browser or any other browser.
  • Login: Access the LAN login page via the web interface, enter the username and password, and click log in.

Step 3: Viewing the Video

  • Once you have successfully accessed the system, you will be able to view the video.

Tips: Ensure that the video recorder and computer are on the same network segment for proper connectivity.

Access In WAN

Step 1: Device Identification

  • Fast Networking: Right-click in the main menu to check the ID of the device.

Step 2: WAN Access

  • Browser Setup: Open Internet Explorer, go to www.e-seenet.com, and enter the device ID in the address bar.
  • Login Page: Navigate to the login page, input the ID, username, and password, then click to log in.

Step 3: Video Access

  • Access Success: Once access is successfully completed, you can view the video.

Tips: Video quality and fluency depend on the upload speed of the video recorder and download speed of the computer. Each channel requires at least 30KB/s.

Mobile Application Download and Installation

  1. Direct Download:
    • URL: Go to dvr163 download page on your mobile browser.
    • Action: Enter the download page, click install to download and install the application.
  2. QR Code Download:
    • Instruction: Please scan the QR code in the manual to download the application.

Esee Mobile Application (IP PRO) – Add Device

Step 1: Register
Step 2: Enter the device interface
Step 3: Add the device
Step 4: Added successfully. Click channel No. to get video
Step 5: Remote playback

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