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“It is greatly appreciated that you have purchased our products. This guide will introduce the main applications of our product. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Further information can be found on our website and technical support center. We will not provide additional information about inaccurate content in this guide, as the product may be updated or changed with new software or hardware.”

  If there is any discrepancy between the product description and the actual product, the actual product shall prevail.

Safety Caution

  1. In order to make the machine work normally for a long time, the machine should be placed in a relatively dry and dust-free space.

  Avoid short circuits caused by the machine being wet.

  2. Check the adaptor voltage to prevent damage device by using the wrong adaptor.

  3. The machine should work in the range of the temperature and humidity allowed by the technical index.

  4. It should be avoided that the machine be set in the vibration environment.

  5. Installation of the machine have to comply with local or national standard.

Out Of Box Audit

While receiving the product, please open the box and place the device in a safe location. Verify the product and accessories according to the packing list. Contact the dealer immediately if any product damage or accessory shortages are found in the box.

Packing list

1Wireless NVR with Touch screen1pcs
3Wireless NVR with Touch screen power supply 5V 2.5A1pcs
4Camera power supply 12V 1A2pcs
5Quick guide1pcs

Interface description

NVR interface description

  1. Power supply: DC5V 2.5A
  2. Battery switch: turn on/off the battery(battery-powered)
  3. TF card socket: maximum support 128G
  4. USB interface: 1 USB 2.0 interface (supports USB flash drive upgrade and mouse)
  5. Antenna: For wireless signal transmission
  6. Mic-phone: support mic-phone voice intercom
  7. Speaker: audio output
  8. Indicator light: a charging indicator, a record indicator
  9. Battery compartment: It is used to power 2 pcs of 18650 batteries.

Note: The battery needs to be activated by an external power supply before it can be used normally.


  1. Antenna: For wireless signal transmission
  2. DC interface:power input(12V 1A)
  3. Reset button: Press the reset button for 5 seconds to restore the factory setting and enter into matching-code mode.
  4. Status Light:
    Off: The IPC system is not ready or is in an abnormal state.Flashing: The IPC is in the code-matching state.Solid Light for a Long Time: The IPC and NVR have been paired, and the connection status is normal.Slow Flashing: The IPC is paired with the NVR, but the connection is disconnected.he NVR, but the connection is disconnected.

Note: In night vision mode, the device is normal for 5s, the indicator light will be turned off to prevent light interference.

Operation instruction

To adjust the volume, click the menu button on the screen. You can open or close the preview interface channel volume and zoom in on a single screen by clicking the zoom button. To enter the magnification screen, click on the zoom button. To access the main menu interface, click the main menu button. Finally, click to enter the video playback interface.

Video playback: Play recorded video

System setup: System-related settings(language, time, network settings, etc.)

Record setup: set the recording schedule,

TF card information and formatting

Match code: add camera

Alarm setup: set a mobile alarm, APP alarm, and other functions

System management system information, factory settings, host upgrade, IPC upgrade, etc.

Add wireless camera

  Before leaving the factory, the camera is matched with a Wireless NVR with a touch screen. The image will appear when the kit is powered. If users need to re-match the code, please follow the steps below:

  Step one: The user starts the recorder and camera, and the IPC resetters the coding mode.

  Step two: Enter the code interface and click on the code to match.


  1)The camera can only perform the pairing in the reset state; the camera usually presses the reset button to perform the pairing code.

  2)If the camera still does not match the code after the code has timed out, click “Match Code” again to try again.

  3)If you need to replace a new camera, please click “X” to delete the channel and then click on the code to match.

Wireless internet access

  Enter the main interface, select system settings, select wireless internet access, and make wireless connection settings.

  Step one: open WLAN

  Step two: Click “Hotspot list” to select the name of the wireless hotspot you want to connect to.

  Step three: enter the correct password

  Step four: Click “Back” exit to the wireless settings interface to view the wireless connection status, Indicating successful connection.

  Tips: After the network configuration is successful, wait a while(about ten seconds), and wait until the network icon in the upper right corner changes; this indicates that the device is online(the APP can be viewed remotely).

View On Mobile

  1. After the NVR is connected to the Internet, you can download the“IP PRO” APP for remote preview.

  You can search for “IP PRO” in the App Store and other application markets or scan the QR code to download and install, then run the application and take a few minutes to register.

(The IOS system requires the IOS 8.0 version or above. For Android, Android 4.4 or above.)

  2. Add the NVR system to your APP device list

  Step 1: Enter the main NVR menu and click the QR code icon in the top right corner.

  Step 2: Open the “IP PRO” app, log in to your account, click on the “+” in the upper right corner, and then select “Scan”. Scan the QR code on the screen to add it directly. Once added successfully, it will automatically return to the preview interface for remote access.

  Step 3: In the “IP PRO” app, if you want to view the video in the NVR system, please click “Remote Playback” to view the video.

Daily update maintenance

  Enter the main interface, select system management, and enter into the system management interface.

  (1) System info, including device model, cloud ID, software version, etc.

  (2) Factory setting: Includes simple restore and restore all settings

  (3) Change password: modify the remote access login password

  (4) Upgrade: device-side main engine upgrade

  (5) IPC upgrade: upgrade the camera


Extend Wireless Range

  Wireless connection is simple and convenient, but wireless is not a panacea! Because of the nature of wireless, in some complicated scenarios, there is a signal attenuation after passing through the obstacle.

  Some methods can circumvent obstacles and increase the signal transmission distance.

  Position the Antenna Correctly

  As can be seen from the gain graph of the rod antenna below, the signal coverage of the antenna is similar to that of an apple. The antenna is located in the center of the apple and surrounds the antenna. The signal is strong, and the upper and lower ends of the antenna are recessed, but the signal is weak.

  According to the transmission characteristics of the antenna to the signal, in order to ensure the optimal image transmission effect of the wireless set, Claim:

  1. NVR and IPC antennas should be placed in high places, not on walls or metal; obstructions such as glass cause the signal to diverge outward.

  2. The antenna of IPC should be placed parallel to the NVR antenna to maximize the respective radiation direction angles.In contrast, the maximum coverage of the signal is formed, as shown in the following figure.

After-sales service


  1. Product failure caused by the following conditions is not covered by the warranty:

  a. Product failure due to accident, negligence, disaster, improper operation or mishandling;

  b. Improper use of the environment or conditions, such as power failure, ambient temperature, lightning strikes, etc., resulting in product failure;c. Products that have been repaired by a non-factory authorized maintenance unit;

  d. The products sell for more than 12 months.

  2. When the user finds that the product appears faulty, please contact the distributor or local service organization for technical service with the user registration card.

  3. When the user has any objection to the technical service provided by the distributor, he can complain to the manufacturer’s customer support service center.

  4. The warranty card must be valid after being stamped by the warranty unit.

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